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At we can now exclusively bring to you the famous delicious tasting range of Shawsome Confectionery manufactured by WJ Shaws since 1877.


When you say the words Shaws Sweets you think of quality and the great tasting flavours of the Famous well known brands including  Clove Rock, Cinnamon Lozenges and Brandy Balls


Browsing through the website will be just like taking a step into your favourite sweet shop with Old Fashioned confectionery and some not so old fashioned.


Our Goal is to make your online shopping experience as enjoyable and thrilling as possible as you pick and choose from our famous range of delicious confectionery 

Welcome to, the one and only genuine Shaws sweetshop anywhere in the world!

Do you remember standing in your favourite sweet shop gazing at row upon row of jars containing sherbet lemons, bonbons, dolly mixtures, and rhubarb and custard? Well, WJ Shaw has had the pleasure of making those very sweets since 1877, and you can now buy them online at

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